Diabetic patients can also easily eat starch The basic pathophysiology of diabetes is the absolute or relative lack of insulin secretion, causing some major metabolic disorders. In the past, the basic principles of treatment to control blood glucose by controlling plasma intake have made diabetic patients often in a half-lifeContinue Reading

Old people often yawn and be wary Undoubtedly, when people feel tired, they often make a few yawns, which can temporarily restore people’s fatigue. However, middle-aged and elderly people, especially those with high blood pressure and cerebral arteriosclerosis, often yawn, may be a precursor to dilated stroke, and should beContinue Reading

Better based on character fitness First, the tension type.   Some people improve their psychological quality and should participate in more competitive sports such as football, basketball, volleyball and other projects. These projects are expected to be volatile and intense, and only when they respond calmly and calmly can they gainContinue Reading

Thin arm exercise removes 88 meat In summer, short sleeves and vests can’t be less, but the angry people’s byebye sleeves really lack the courage to see people, so hurry to do thin arms exercises, so that you can also have a slim hand. . hzh {display: none; }  1、跪立,挺直后背:跪立,挺直后背,脊背要直,两腿间分开约一拳宽度。The armContinue Reading

Yogurt diet method, three pounds a day, three pounds Many sisters are talking about yogurt diet, but the specific operation is different. After energy calculation and nutrition matching, experts recommend the following methods to ensure that they persist for one month without any damage to health.   Early morning: yogurt toContinue Reading

Tourism Health – Tianlongyuan Resort To enjoy the hot springs, you are actually enjoying a realm of life and enjoying the taste and style of a spiritual life. Tianlongyuan Hot Spring, the scientific name of sodium carbonate and magnesium-type fluorine hot springs, is collected from the ground at 1916 metersContinue Reading

Nutrition experts give men a health advice! Under the dual responsibility of family and society, many men are under pressure and overdraft. Even men who are strong and need careful maintenance. This issue of “Life Times” interviewed men, nutrition, cardiovascular, Chinese medicine and other experts in the field to jointlyContinue Reading