Elderly health care can often dry feet? The meridian theory of traditional Chinese medicine believes that the internal organs of the human body have corresponding acupoints on the feet. The soles of the feet are the convergence points of the meridians and the beginnings of the meridians. There are manyContinue Reading

The liver is lively and quiet! There is a great relationship between dynamic and static and liver health. Life lies in exercise and life lies in two distinct views that exist in the theory of health. There is no life without exercise, and exercise is the original attribute of matter,Continue Reading

Lin Zhiying blew up the old secret cheats Lin Zhiying has always been a legend of youth in the entertainment industry. After another month, he is 40 years old, but he still looks like he is only in his twenties. Guo Degang has a saying, “You are not old, weContinue Reading

Teach you how to treat Chinese medicine Normal human liver contains a small amount of traces, accounting for about 2%-4% of liver weight. Under normal circumstances, adults in the human body synthesis, decomposition, storage and transport presentation dynamic balance, the liver plays an important role in this series of processes.Continue Reading

Chinese medicine diet for middle-aged and elderly people Chinese medicine believes that the cause of obesity is mostly caused by dampness and qi deficiency. There are “fat people and more sputum”, “fat people are more qi-deficiency”, so the Chinese diet diet is mostly from spleen and qi, phlegm and dehumidification,Continue Reading