2016 Snooker British Championship final O’Sullivan vs Selby live game video recording _1

2016 Snooker British Championship final O’Sullivan vs Selby live game video recording
On December 5, the 2016/2017 season snooker British Championship came to an end. In the final, Selby was in a better state, finishing three shots to break the lead, and finally 10-7 Lek O’Sullivan.Selby won the British Championship for the second time, ranking tenth in his career.Selby finally won the Rockets O’Sullivan’s tactics and won the British Championship five times. This season won the European Masters and the crown and runner-up. O’Sullivan easily advanced all the way to the British Championships. In the semi-finals, he faced Fu Jiajun tenaciously.Resist and save the match points to achieve a reversal and advance to the final.O’Sullivan faced the world’s No. 1 Selby in the finals, and continued to perform stably in 2016. He won the World Championships and the National Championships in two consecutive games. The British Championships did not encounter too much resistance. After defeating Murphy in the semi-finalsReach the finals.The Air Force played 25 times, and O’Sullivan had 16 wins, 1 draw, and 8 losses. In the end, Selby won 7 games and won 4 games.  In the first stage of the game between the two sides, O’Sullivan took the lead in entering the game. He scored 124 points in a single shot in the first game and scored 100 points. In the second game, Selby gradually expanded his advantage in the chaos. Snooker let OshaLevine conceded consecutive penalties to give up his first move, and Selby scored a 1-1 tie in the game.In the third game, Selby missed the safety ball and missed the bag. O’Sullivan scored 63 points in a single shot and took the lead again in the 2-1 game. In the fourth game, Selby started to attack and used 67 points in a shotWon this game 2-2 draw.In the 5th inning of the 2016 Snooker British Championship final Selby vs O’Sullivan in the first stage (full game video recording), Selby scored a red ball and posted a green ball to make a snooker. O’Sullivan solved the companyThe ticket was 18 points. Afterwards, Selby seized the first mobile phone and forced O’Sullivan to miss the ball. Selby scored 63 points and won the game 3-2.In the sixth inning, O’Sullivan’s turnovers began to increase, and Selby won the game with a 4-2 lead.In the seventh inning, Selby attacked the opponent completely, scoring 109 points in two shots to win, and then in the eighth inning, Selby scored 87 points in a single shot. In the first stage, Selby led by 6-2. Previous page12Next page

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