Li Mao Killing Back Guo Yu Will Assist Team Men’s Singles Training

Li Mao “Killing Back” Guo Yu Will Assist Team Men’s Singles Training
The Beijing News is reported to be the WeChat public account of the China Badminton Association. In order to better prepare for the Tokyo Olympics and do a better job in preparing for the Olympics, it will gather the strengths of each family and enrich the coach team of the Chinese badminton team.China Badminton Association, China National Badminton Team decided to hire former Korean national team coach Jiang Jingzhen, South Korea’s former men’s doubles general Liu Yongcheng to assist team doubles training; hire domestic senior men’s singles coach Li Mao to assist the men’s singles training.Doubles are the traditional superiority of Korean badminton teams, and have their own unique training concepts and training methods.I hired two Korean coaches to assist the Chinese badminton team in doubles training, hoping that they can inject new things into the Chinese badminton team, bring new training concepts and training methods, and combine the characteristics of Chinese athletes to help the Chinese badminton doubles as a wholeThe level is further improved.Li Mao is a senior coach with rich experience and unique training methods. Over the years, he has coached in the Chinese Badminton Team, the Korean Badminton Team and the Malaysian Team.Men’s singles.Engaging Li Mao to assist in men’s singles training can further strengthen the strength of the men’s singles coaching team and help young athletes and young coaches improve their comprehensive ability as soon as possible.Editor Yang Li Source: China Badminton Association WeChat public number Original title: Chinese badminton team hires Li Mao and South Korea to replace foreign teachers to join

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